Saturday, July 7, 2018

Solvency Day - Feed the Starving John Fund

It was Janice Vargo's idea, coming in the aftermath of the nastiness of Shirley Gottlieb's attempt to try Melinda for Behavior Unbecoming an Officer.  Clearly, given the charges invented in her fevered mind she had missed entirely the fact that even if charges were true there was nothing scandalous about them.  

But the charges were entirely untrue.  Melinda did not even learn about them until she read the torrid document.  It took only long enough to read the charges for the LPC Executive Committee to determine they had no merit and censure Shirley.  

That year Melinda had managed multiple Libertarian Campaigns, started continued raising funds for an campaign office for all Libertarian candidates on Westwood Blvd., in West Los Angeles, and served as Southern California Vice Chairman.  

Solvency Day was held to pay off the debts owed to John Fund by the Libertarian Party of California.  In keeping with the tenor of the entire year it was a Roast of Melinda.  A contest contrived by Janice, bless her soul, accompanied the mailing for the Roast.  

And here it is below.