Tuesday, February 18, 2020

David Nolan

David Fraser Nolan (November 23, 1943 - November 21, 2010)[1] was an American activist and politician. 
Outraged at Nixon's violation of the free market principles he supported, Dave wrote and published an article in the July-August issue of the Individualist titled 

He was the primary and original founder of the Libertarian Party (United States), having hosted the meeting in 1971 at which the Party was founded.[2][3] Nolan later served the party in a number of roles including National Chair, newsletter editor, and By-laws, Judicial, and Platform Committee chairman.

He is also known as the inventor and popularizer as the inventor of the Nolan chart.[4] The Chart attempts to improve on the simple left versus right political taxonomy by separating the issues of economic freedom and social freedom and presenting them in the format of a plane. 
As of 2012, the Chart continues to be popular, distributed as the "World's Smallest Political Quiz".