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Finally - An Explanation of Edward H. Crane, III, Not at all what I expected.


Edward Harrison Crane's Family History

Nothing shocking in the Crane Family past.  But interesting insights on what might have sent Crane in his chosen direction.  

About Edward Harrison Crane, III,starting with Ed's great-grandfather.

Father: Thomas Crane, born in Isle of Man.

Mother: Elizabeth Jones, Bourbon Co. Kentucky

Informant:  Elizabeth T. Crane (The wife of Edward Harrison Crane, M. D.)

Dr. Edward Harrison Crane, Senior (I)

Dr. Edward H. Crane, Senior, was a physician and surgeon. Practice in ears, eyes, nose, and throat. 

Born: 18 December 1875, in Massillon, Cedar County, Iowa. 

Burial:  6 May 1946, Inglewood Cemetery, Inglewood, CA

Date of Death: 2 May 1946, at 1:25PM.

Married:  Marriage: 9 Oct. 1906, Iowa

Spouse:  Elizabeth Thom Crane

Elizabeth Thom Crane

Born: 27 July 1881,  Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa,

Died:   31 July 1951, Los Angeles, CA.

Residence at time of death: 8617 Rindge Avenue, Playa del Rey

(Ed's grandfather moved several times during his career and moved to Venice, CA, where his son was practicing medicine in later life.  Eventually, he and Elizabeth Thom Crane, moved in with their oldest son, Edward Harrison Crane, Jr. and his wife, Mary Barbara Greene Crane)

Bio from FindaGrave

“Dr. Edward H. Crane, brother of C. E. Crane passed away in California on May 2, 1946.

Edward H. Crane was born in Monticello, Iowa, and reared on a farm near Battle Creek, Iowa. He passed away after an illness of 7 weeks in the Good Samaritan hospital in Los Angeles following an operation for gallstones at the age of 70 years.

He took his medical course at Iowa City, Iowa, and post graduate work at Harvard. He practiced at Odebolt and Cedar Falls, Iowa.

He specialized on the eye, ear, nose, and throat for the past 25 years.

He retired from active practice in Inglewood, California, where his son, Dr. Edward H. Crane, Jr., and his two daughters, Mardo and Mrs. Betty Warner live. His son, George Thom, was killed overseas just before the war ended.”

The couple had four children:

Mardo Clarivelle Crane(Eldest, born in 1908)

Dr. Edward H. Crane, Jr.

Elizabeth Crane (Mrs. Betty Warner)

George Thom Crane, born 4 February 1914. Died 15 August 1945 on Cabu Island in the Philippines.  He is buried at Manila American Cemetery and Memorial


Mardo lived in Los Angeles, when she was not flying, and never married.  

Mardo Clarivelle Crane

Born: 10 Sep 1908, California

Died: 13 Mar 2000 (aged 91)

Education:  UCLA, majoring in physical education and psychology and a Masters Degree from Columbia.

Career: Mardo was a member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots during World War II. She was in WASP class 44-1. Mardo is also known for starting the "Powder Puff Derby" women's air competition in 1947. Her other activities related to flight and women are long and impressive.

Mardo was in aviation all of her life and was also a prominent member of the Los Angeles 99s.

She earned her pilot license in 1933.

 When the war broke out, she joined as a test pilot for WAFS/WASP (Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Service/Service Pilots). After the war was over, she enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, retiring from the military as a 1st Lieutenant.

 There is a biography about Mardo at the Los Angeles 99s  

Mardo in the pilot's seat

     Mardo in the pilot's seat

Ed Crane's father was II.

 Dr. Edward Harrison Crane, Junior, (II)

Born: 1910, Iowa, United States

Died: 1997

Married: 12 June 1938 to Mary Barbara Greene

Mary Barbara Greene:

Born 22 August 1917, Huaa, Hawaii

Died: 29 February 2009, Ashland, Jackson, Oregon

 One child of the marriage:

Edward H. Crane


 Here is Cato's Ed, who never mentioned his Aunt Mardo and was a serial sexual exploiter of women and led the charge away from action using the free market.

Edward Harrison Crane, (III)

Born: born 15 August 1944 in Inglewood, CA

College: Attended the University of Redlands 1962

               Transferred to the University of California, Berkeley in 1963.

               Earned an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Career:  Worked as a money manager in Los Angeles until discovering the far more lucrative career provided by the Kochs in 1974.