Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Individualist

Initial Publishing: February 1970 

Publisher:   James Dale Davidson

An excellent new libertarian magazine has just been launched! This is The Individualist, the new monthly journal of the Society for Individual Liberty, and an outgrowth of The Rational Individualist, the magazine of the predecessor Society for Rational Individualism. The Individualist is a fully professional magazine, with numerous ads, and excellent layout and art work; the new publisher is the young libertarian, James Dale Davidson, who is also executive director of the new and rapidly growing National Taxpayers Union. Featured in the initial, February, 1970 issue (recently off the press) is an article on "The Great Ecology Issue: Conservation and the Free Market", by Murray N. Rothbard, who will contribute a monthly economic column for the magazine. The article is a libertarian critique of all aspects of the latest Ecology, or Environment, craze. The forthcoming March issue will focus on a critique of the Pentagon and military spending, featuring an informative inside look at military spending by former Assistant Secretary of Defense A. Ernest Fitzgerald. The Individualist is a bargain, available for 75C a copy, or $5.00 Per Year, at 415 Second St., N.E., Washington, D. C. 20002.

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