Monday, September 22, 2014

What Now?

The Libertarian Party came into existence because the hunger for freedom was already large in the minds and hearts of Americans.  

Americans are still hungry. 

The Libertarian Party was intended to be a tool for reclaiming local control, individual rights, and a judiciary which provides dispassionate justice for all.  

Within our communities we can care for each other through our churches and other organizations.  But we need freedom to accomplish our goals.  

Because the LP was hijacked, its trust extinguished, by the Kochs in the early 80s, there remains an unmet need for a political party which represents the nexus between right and left, is proactive on such issues as the lack of accountability by such corporate interests as Koch Industries and against the regulatory infrastructure which, today, is taking aim on Americans who assert their right to live free from governmental over sight.  

Only when all political factions come together, creating traction for action, will be have the needed power to take back our live, renewing local control of our communities.   

Can the Libertarian Party become that tool for freedom?  You tell me. 

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